Jean Vanherck
I am trying to locate the whereabouts of my ancestor Jean Vanherck in the 1850s and 1860s


He was born some time round 1811-1818 in Belgium, his father is given as Hendrich Vanherck on his marriage certificate


He married Sarah Williams in Flintshire, Wales and they had their first child, Mary Josephina Vanherck in 1845


Their next three children were all born in Belgium


Elizabeth Vanherck 1847


John B Vanherck 1849


Joseph Vanherck 1851


It appears that he returned to England some time between 1851 and 1860 because their fifth child Martha Vanherck was born and baptized in Liverpool 1860


The family do not appear on the England Census of 1851 or 1861


Jean Vanherck does not appear on the England Census of 1871, 1881, or 1891 although his wife Sarah does


Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth and Martha appear on the England Census of 1871 but no sign of Jean, John B, or Joseph


Only Sarah and Mary appear on the 1881 and 1891 census

I would really be grateful for any help at all in locating this family, and also to learn any more about Jean Vanherck
For what concerns the period 1800-1900, you will have to use the FamilySearch data bases.  The Belgian National Archives focus on the years before 1800 and after 1900.  This was done after an agreement with the FamilySearch people.  Some years may overlap though.  

You mention a marriage certificate where his father is mentioned.  Can you post date and place, or the certificate itself?
Can you tell us where the children were born in Belgium?

Also, "Vanherck" is sometimes written "Vanherk" (without the "c") and "Hendrich" is probably "Hendrick".