de Antonini
When researching the ancestry of the Anthoni / i / us family in Sweden and in Finland, following the family tradition that the family is originally from Italy, a military family the path  with name Anthoni has been followed into Ingermanland, during the Time of Greatness, that is the 17th century. The specialist researcher of the Swedish State Archives sent documents from the year 1702 that tell that Francesco de Antonini escaped from Swedish Ingermanland to Stockholm in the beginning of the attack by Tsar Peter the Great into Ingermanland. His family is from italy, she had changed from Catholic to Lutheran faith and his profession was a sword master. The other Anthonis that ended escaping Finland became guerillas that fought against Russian during most time of the Great Northern War 1700-1721. The Anthonis in Finland have been quiet of the guerilla past, it is believed that some of the young Anthoni were involved with the murder attempt against Peter the Great during that war, so, an ovious reason to leave the war behind. In 16th century Daniello di Antonini arrived in Brussels (?) and the family stayed in the area of present Belgium and Holland (?)
The di Antoninis in Friulia, Italy were local lords and in military branchs as well. Where should I start with? Any help would be appreciated.